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you know it just figures

For Halloween my roommate and I came up with an interesting concept. I'd be a ninja, he'd be a pirate, and all day we'd end up fighting each other across campus. Like fight club, only not really fight club.

Point is, that requires me to get a costume together. Now of course this would be the time wherin my "ninja hood" ski mask goes missing once again. Well, shit. Now of course I could just do the ol' "shirt ninja" thing, unfortunately to some that tends to look less like a ninja hood and more like you're an Arab Terrorist. Then again i'm sure if i tucked the extraneous shirt parts into my shirt i'm wearing it wouldn't look as bad. Who knows, I sure don't.

On another note I was thinking of using UnderArmour to best replicate typical ninja garb...too bad that shit's fucking expensive even if my mom is giving me money for said costuming.
-So why the hell didn't I get my paycheck this week? Have I eaten too much at McDonalds? damnit that's probably it.

-Where the hell is this "nude Italy" this woman is apparently a "miss" of? Is there like a parallel Earth where everyone is naked? That'd be pretty scary actually...some people should NOT be seen without clothes...most of Europe for example...yet they keep DOING it!

-How is it that every time they want to show an animal as "scarred" or "rugged" in a disney movie/show they usually have a  perfectly circular chunk taken out in one of the edges of their ears? How did that happen? An accident with a hole puncher? Damnit lazy Disney animators, there are OTHER shapes! I think triangles would be more likely!

it all adds up

Projected expenses over next 10 days

Gas: $30-$60
Doctor's appointment: $20
Presrcibed Wellbutrin: $25
License Renewal Fees: $60
Birthday gifts for both my mother AND brother: $50-100

Total: $185-$260

Money in my account right now: $230...if that.

And I haven't even factored in textbooks.

The life, of a college student.

whoo! *passes out*

So yesterday I finally talked to Kate. I was in a hurry before having to go to work so basically the entire conversation lasted an elevator trip.


Me: How are you doing today?
Kate: Good, I'm officially on Vacation now
Me: That's good.
Kate: How about you?
Me: I have a final at 2, and I have to get to work soon.
Kate: Where do you work?
Me: I have a lab monitor job at the computer lab in Higgins.
Kate: Ah that's cool.
Me: eh it's all right.


Me: Anyway...I uh...*struggles for words*. I know that next term our course schedules change so we won't be running into each other this conveniently anymore, and I really like talking to you, so is there any way we can stay in touch?
Kate: Well, you know where my room is right?
Me: Nope.
Kate: It's room 302. You can drop by there any time.
Me: Really?
Kate: Yep *slight smile*
Me: Ok then. Thank you. See you after break.
Kate: you too.


So yeah, don't know how best to interpret that but it's good to know i can keep talking to her and eventually find out things.

Douglas Adams was a friggin genius

There is nothing more unnerving than a courteous gun turret, i.e. one with an AI who politely says "hello" before opening fire on you and then says things like "I don't blame you" when you've forced it to shut down.

Portal is such a fun/funny game


So I was talking to Kate today before her Macroeconomics final, just shooting the breeze, asking her about what year she's in, what courses she's taking next term, me retelling what an epic failure i was in B term last year...stuff like that.

Then I looked down. And for the first time in a goddamn month...i notice she's wearing a ring. On her left hand, and it has a gemstone in it. Granted it's a small one and probably a cubic zirconia but it's a ring nonetheless.

Fortunately I didn't immediately panic and stop talking to her, nor did I do the stupid thing of asking "so who's the lucky guy?" and pointing to it. But yeah...I felt like a fool. Especially since not more than an hour ago she had smiled at me when passing me on the way to her class when i was leaving mine.

Now granted, maybe the ring doesn't mean she's taken, could have another meaning for her. Just...yeah. Ah well, at least I'll know why i'm being shot down in 2 days time.
My English teach cancelled our final quiz. I don't even have to get up at 7AM (well I kinda do) on Thursday. I'm so happy right now. This means I am officially DONE with school save for my Economics Final on Thursday.


So yeah, slept past my alarm AGAIN, almost got fired as a result, and missed one of my 2 remaining opportunities to try and convince Kate to exchange contact information with me so we can stay in touch or w/e after our course schedules change.

Blah Blah Drama Stuff Blah

so today is the day I have to do my final play project with my group for Drama. We're doing scenes from The Laramie Project, ironically, the play I would've done in High School had time not ran out. I wish we HAD done it...it's a very emotionally powerful play about what hate can do to people, and how it can come from unlikely sources.

In it, I play 4 characters, all of numerous backgrounds and sexual orientations. One of them is the crazy-ass so-called "Reverend" Fred Phelps, leader of the hate group known as the Westboro Baptist Church. Basically he's the guy who hates America for being tolerant of Gay People...and jewish people...and the irish...ok basically let's just say he hates people. Crazy...CRAZY motherfucker, and I won't get into details. But basically I wondered this...if he hates America so much...WHY THE FUCK DOES HE LIVE HERE? Oh right, so he can "protest" at soldiers funerals that they "died because of fags". Uh-huh...right. I wish I had known the time these hatemongers had been around in Massachusetts...woulda hit all of them with my truck.  


Ok I seriously need a soundtrack going in my head 24/7 if my roommate is going to talk about World of Warcraft 24/7. All I hear is "DPS this" and "spec that" ....blah.